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This warranty only applies in the United States
Should a buyer provide Mueller Optics with a delivery address that is incorrect, the buyer will be held responsible for the item(s).
When sending a product back for Warranty services, please be sure to get delivery confirmation or a tracking number, we will not be held responsible if a product is not received.
When returning a scope for Warranty work, only include the contents of which the scope was purchased with. Please do not include mounting hardware, sunshades, or rings.
Once an item(s) has been purchased, the item(s) becomes the property of the buyer and Mueller Optics will not give an exchange for that item(s). Even if the item(s) have not been opened.
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We strive to make products that last a lifetime but we also understand that things happen and when they do…we got you covered. With our lifetime guarantee, we will repair or replace your product if damaged during any normal use.

No registration, No receipt, No charge, required.

This warranty does not cover damage that occurs in shipment or failures that result from accidents, misuse, abuse, unauthorized alterations, theft, modifications and acts of God…

NOTE: This new Warranty applies to any scope that was bought within the last 2 years.  If you’ve bought later than that then your scope would fall under the old warranty which you can see here.  Please fill out the form and let us know if you have any questions.

If you’re scope has been bought within the last 2 years, please fill out the form below to submit your claim.  Once approved, we’ll issue you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and instructions on where to return.